GCU Preflight Procedures (Operator)

GCU Preflight Procedures (Autopilot)

After takeoff procedure is activated by the operator, the autopilot will commence takeoff procedure and follow the active flight plan and land automatically. However, the operator can change the flight operation and override the flight plan at any time during the flight.

GCU In Flight Procedures (Operator)

List of most common commands:

Full list: refer to Key Shortcuts

GCU Landing Procedures (Autopilot)

After passing all way-points as per flight plan, the autopilot will proceed automatically to landing procedure. The autopilot will optimize automatically the approach flight path to the approach point towards the runway. If the approach will be under- or overshot will be indicated by a white square in the flight plan window at runway position. In case of undershot (square extended in front of the runway), the autopilot will cancel the landing and will proceed to a new approach for landing. In case of overshooting the runway, the operator has to take action at his own discretion to cancel or to continue the landing procedure, if the runway length permits for a safe landing.