Airspeed sensor

Configuration: Airspeed | Nodes: xhawk cas

Dynamic pressure sensor estimates airspeed from pressure readings.

  • pt - this setting enables the driver
    • off - the pressure sensor is powered off and there‚Äôs no data output
    • airspeed - the sensor provides airspeed fixes for autopilot, the output is sent through variables airspeed.
    • buoyancy - the sensor provides filtered pressure measurements and the data is sent to variable buoyancy [Pa]. this option is used mainly for Blimps.
  • prio - redundancy priority for sensor.
    • primary - data will be used when available.
    • secondary - data will be used when primary is unavailable.
    • low - level3 priority, used when primary and secondary is unavailable.
    • safety - used when no other sources are available.
  • kalman - filter settings for data (Q=0.05, R=30)
  • calib - calibration mode
    • auto - the zero bias will be estimated on power on
    • fixed - the zero bias is set up in bias setting
  • bias - the bias value, used for fixed calibration mode.

The use of fixed calibration mode is strongly recommended. To perform the calibration, follow these steps:

  • change the calib setting to auto
  • reboot device
  • execute node command Recalibrate differential sensor
  • reload nodes configuration values on GCU to refresh data
  • change the calib setting to fixed

* Pre-flight check should always include Airspeed sensor test.