BLDC motor control

Configuration: Regulator/FOC | Nodes: servo

The driver is able to control Brushless motors with FOC algorithm.

The outer control loops are managed by the Motor control module.

BLDC options (FOC):

  • regtype - regulator type
    • torque - control the torque of motor
    • speed - maintain the commanded RPM
    • field - rotate the magnetic field with commanded speed and 50% power
  • enc - motor encoder type
    • QUAD - use additional quadrature encoder for FOC loops
    • main - use main servo encoder for FOC loops
  • phase - Motor encoder index phase shift, can be found with command Find BLDC phase
  • speedKd - speed to phase Kd coeffitient to avoid resonance [0..0.9]
  • poles - number of motor poles, can be found with command Find BLDC poles
  • gratio - gear ratio between motor and encoder
  • rev - phases swap, reverse polarity