Configuration: Gimbal | Nodes: nav

This subsystem controls generic gimbal and performs its gyro-stabilization.

All controls are sent throgh CANopen to actuators (servo), it does not use other methods, like Ports to control actuators.

As controls input, gimbal accepts the following mandala variables (depending on current configuration):

  • camctr_roll, camctr_pitch, camctr_yaw - controls [-1..+1]
  • camcmd_roll, camcmd_pitch, camcmd_yaw - angles [deg] or speeds [deg/s]
  • turretcmd_pitch, turretcmd_yaw - angles [deg]

Available settings

  • ctype - gimbal control type, i.e. how gimbal reacts to input controls
    • position - will hold is angular position relative to the main frame
    • speed - will hold angular rate relative to the main frame
    • cam_mode - current mode speed / position is set in cam_mode variable
    • gyro - the gimbal is gyro stabilized, controls set the angular rates
    • remote - controls (‘camctr_’) are directly forwarded to the actuators
  • downstream - for debugging - send telemetry to GCU
  • busMode - configuration of bus networks isolation
    • ExtInt - CAN2 network is for internal gimbal sensors and actuators, no data transmitted to CAN1
    • ExtIntSensors - same as above, but sensors (gps, imu, pressure) are forwarded to CAN1
    • gated - everything shared between CAN1 and CAN2
  • align - body frame alignment corrections, used in stabilization modes and when reporting current angles
  • alignBias - use align from cambias_theta variable in addition
  • vtype - type of gimbal, or which controls are active
    • cam - generic surveilance gimbal, use camcmd_theta
    • turret - turret, use turretcmd_theta
    • cmaster - same as cam, but will also provide turretcmd_theta to control linked turret
  • demo - continuously move for testing or demonstrations
  • CamTrack - special section for ground object tracking gimbals
    • ovr - bind variable to shut down motors for manual override
    • Timestamps
      • period - Tk period of pulses for pictures, when below 1000 - [ms], else [us]
      • portID - Serial Port ID for NMEA telemetry
    • Display - Display module support
      • port - Serial Port ID for display
      • onoff - bind variable for on/off button
      • rst - bind variable for display reset signal
  • Regulator - standard P+PI regulators configuration for stabilization modes