GPS Receiver

Configuration: GPS | Nodes: xhawk gps

This feature provides U-Blox GNSS module management. The driver provides data for autopilot’s AHRS system, reports some statistics (used/visible satellites), and synchronizes the time with GPS Time.

  • gps - current receiver mode of operation:
    • no - the receiver power is off
    • yes - normal operation, send position and velocity fixes to the autopilot
    • debug - print ublox debug messages in the console (for development)
  • prio - redundancy priority for sensor.
    • primary - data will be used when available.
    • secondary - data will be used when primary is unavailable.
    • low - level3 priority, used when primary and secondary is unavailable.
    • safety - used when no other sources are available.
  • model - the physical model setting (normally - Aurborne4g)
  • Jamming - the anti-jamming feature tuning of the ublox module
    • itfm - on/off control of this feature
    • bb - broadband threshold [dB] (default=3)
    • cw - continuous wave threshold [dB] (default=15)
    • aux - scan auxilary bands [yes/no]

The node supports the command Report satellites info which outputs current radio channels signal levels. It also measures noise, when the option itfm is on.