Pitot heater

Configuration: Heater | Nodes: cas

This feature provides control of pitot probe heating.

  • heater - heater switch control type:
    • off - the internal switch is turned off
    • auto - turn on switch if the MSL altitude is higher than altitude setting
    • force - switch is always turned on
  • temp_out - variable for pitot temperature output (for debugging and monitoring on GCU)
  • mult - multiplier for temperature (0= no multiplier) to adjust/recalibrate temperatre sensor
  • altitude - when mode is auto this sets the absolute MSL altitude [m] where to turn the swith on, the altitude is taken from altps variable
  • temp - target temperature to hold [C], usually set to 150C
  • ocp - overcurrent protection (shortcircuit), usually set to 10 [A], will report shortcircuit condition to the console
  • uvp - undervoltage protection (battery discharge), will turn off the switch if the voltage is below this value, common value is 7 [V]
  • pwm - when this value is set to non-zero, the switch will operate in PWM mode with ~50Hz frequency (used to decrease output power)