Ports and controls

Configuration: Ports | Nodes: ghanta jsw mhx nav xhawk ifc servo

This feature connects logical variables with physical signals on the vehicle.

Controls mixer


The control channels (outputs to servo drives) can be mixed and configured in this setting. Output channels are labelled as CHx and one or many different Mandala variables can be mixed together to one channel.

If several variables (controls) are binded to the same channel, the output of channel is the sum of all outputs.

The following fields are available for controls mixing:

  • bind - variable binding
  • mult - multiplier applied to bind variable. out=bindxmult
  • diff - “differential multiplier”, i.e. if sign of out is the same as sign of diff then out is multiplied by absolute value of diff. This setting is useful for ailerons.
  • speed - the allowed maximum speed of change [units of 1] for out signal, i.e. if speed=0.1, the value will change from 0 to 1 in 10 sec.
  • ch - output channel assignment. First, the binded variable is multiplied by mult, then diff applied, then speed is limited, and then the result is added to channel value.

Each channel can output value from -100% to +100%. Thus, the ouput from mixer (see above) is multiplied by 100, to convert units to percents. The channel output can be limited and adjusted, independent of mixers. This is useful to setup servo mechanical limits or mechanical zero position.

  • min - minimum value [%] (-100%)
  • max - maximum value [%] (+100%)
  • zero - middle position [%]

For example:

  • to adjust the neutral position for steering servo, you play with zero setting.
  • to bind ctr_throttle to a channel, you may use mult=2, min=zero=-90, max=80. The variable ctr_throttle have values from 0 (idle) to 1 (full). Since you have some mechanical limits (-90, 80), the mult should be adjusted to maintain the span of the binded variable, i.e. mult=2x(80-(-90))/200=1.7:
    • when ctr_throttle=0, the servo position out=0xmultx100+zero=-90%=min
    • when ctr_throttle=1, the servo position out=1xmultx100+zero=-90+170=80%=max
  • for flaperons you may setup two binds to the same channel.
    • bind=ctr_ailerons, mult=0.6, ch=1
    • bind=ctr_flaps, mult=0.5, speed=0.5, ch=1

The output channels can be controlled through VirtualMachine.

GPIO connections


Digital inputs-outputs can be configured in this setting. Each physical line can be binded to Mandala variable and act as digital input or output.

The following fields are available:

  • bind - variable binding
  • mode - physical line mode
    • Output modes:
      • OUTPUT - the output logical level is equal high when bindxmult+bias > 0 or low otherwise
      • PULSE - the output will make pulse of bias [sec]
      • STROBE - the output will make a short pulses of ~1ms with bias [sec] interval
      • DELAYED - the output will trigger when bindxmult>0 after delay of bias [sec]
    • Input modes:
      • INPUT - regular logical input, bind=(1/0)xmult+bias
      • INP_SET - bind value can only be set to multxbias on logical 1 (shutdown signal)
      • INP_TRIG - bind value will change either zero or mult (a button)
      • RPM - measures revolutions per minute bind=RPM xmult+bias
      • FREQ - measures frequency [Hz] bind=FREQ xmult+bias
      • WIDTH - measures pulse width [sec] bind=WIDTH xmult+bias
      • DUTY - measures duty cycle [0..1] bind=DUTY xmult+bias
      • RC - measures RC PWM signal [-1..+1] bind=POSITION xmult+bias
      • AGLWRA - (deprecated) measures altitude of MaxSonar sensor
  • inv - the physical input or output line inversion
  • pull - pullups/pulldowns configuration opendrain is used for OUTPUT only
  • mult - multiplier applied to bind variable
  • bias - value added to bind variable. On some modes this value sets the timing [sec]

Other parameters

  • Ports/mixer - This is a hardcoded mixer option, f.ex. for quad-copters.
    • off - will use controls mixers for all output channels
    • quadX - configure channels 1-4 as motor outputs for x quadcopter. Although, the quadcopter mixers could be tuned in controls setting, it is still prefferable to use the hardcoded mixer for safety reasons
    • quadXC - configure channels 1-4 as motor outputs for x quadcopter, but reverse rudder.
  • Ports/freq - This setting tunes the output frequency for PWM modulator, used to generate signals for servos, i.e. outputs from controls.