The Ground Control (GCS) application binary packages are available for different platforms from the apx-gcs github repository releases.

To get emails with announcements about new versions, visit contacts page and subscribe. Although, the installed software will check for updates automatically.

The complete changelog is available here: CHANGELOG.



  • Download the AppImage;
  • Make the file executable;
  • Launch the application by executing the downloaded file;
  • Install the app through menu to have automatic updates;

GCS uses serial port to communicate with the radio modem device. User must be a member of dialout group to have rights to access modem device. Execute the following command in terminal to add yourself to the group, then reboot.

sudo usermod -aG dialout $USER
sudo apt remove modemmanager -y

In order to support video streaming, install GStreamer:

sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad gstreamer1.0-libav -y

More information about AppImage standard can be found here:


The app can be installed through Play Market. Although, it requires PC Ground Control app to communicate with UAV and is used mainly for maintenance purposes.

Deprecated Versions

APX Ground Control v10.x

Visit the repository apx-releases for downloads. The GCS v10.x is compatible with APX Autopilot firmware of version v10.x, v9.x and below.

Linux v9.x

Add UAVOS debian repository to your system (execute the following commands in console):

echo "deb all main experimental"| sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/uavos.list; gpg --keyserver --recv B5517CF1; gpg --export --armor B5517CF1 | sudo apt-key add -; sudo apt-get update

Repository contains two components:

  • main - rare updates (once in 3-6 months), more bugs, but ensures it was tested on several UAVs for stable operation.
  • experimental - most recent bugfixes and features, builds for most recent linux versions. Updates almost every week, tested on at least one UAV.

Install application and tools:

sudo apt-get install uavos

Run the application through KDE’s menu or gcu executable.