To get started with Software in the loop simulation (no hardware) you can follow the following instructions:

  • Install Ground Control application;
  • Install X-plane Flight Simulator;
    • The system works well with X-plane 10;
  • Launch the X-plane Simulator for the first time to ensure it is working and configured;
    • Configure minimal graphics settings and disable all sounds;
    • Exit the simulator app through menu;
  • Launch the GCS application;
    • Open dialog through menu Tools/Simulator;
      • Select your X-Plane installation from the drop-down box;
      • Turn on the switch to enable X-plane launch;
      • Press Launch button;
      • Wait until X-plane window loads;
  • Switch to X-Plane window;
    • Select the airport KSEA;
    • Select runway RWY - 1 6 L;
    • Choose aircraft UAVOS/MALE-B
  • Switch to GCS window, wait until SIM vehicle is recognized, select it if needed in the Vehicle menu;
    • Open the Vehicle parameters window and make sure you have updated and uploaded configuration;
    • When there is no mission downloaded from vehicle exists - i.e. mission label on the map does not show any mission:
      • Press mission button to open dialog, then Load mission button, to load applicable mission, then click Upload button to sync mission with the vehicle;
      • Alternatively, create a new mission and upload to the vehicle;
  • If everything is ok, you will see the telemetry data and it should say that GPS is available and show to you the current position (from simulation) on the map;
  • Use the commands widget in the GCS main window to control the UAV:
    • Press TAKEOFF button to start takeoff procedure;
    • Press NEXT button for the next stage of the procedure;
  • The UAV should perform takeoff and fly waypoints, then land automatically;


  • X-plane and simulated autopilot exchange data via x-plane plugin and TCP/IP network. The plugin binary and aircraft models resources are installed automatically by the GCS when you launch the simulation from the GCS menu.

Telemetry sample replay

There is default telemetry record exist in the database and it could be replayed in the freshly installed GCS. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Launch the GCS application;
  • Select REPLAY vehicle;
  • Go to vehicle menu, then open Telemetry entry;
    • Load telemetry record in Records entry;
    • Open Player sub-menu and press Play button. The GCS should replay the recorded telemetry;
  • Open window Windows/Telemetry (app menu) for telemetry data chart;

Reset to defaults

To start everything from scratch - remove or rename the ~/Documents/UAVOS folder.