To quickly get started with Software in the loop simulation (no hardware) you can follow these instructions:

  • Install Ground Control application.
  • Purchase and install X-plane Flight Simulator
  • Run the X-plane Simulator for the first time to ensure it is working.
  • Launch the Ground Control application.
    • Open dialog through menu Tools/Simulator and click Launch button.
    • Wait until SIM vehicle is recognized, select it if needed.
    • Open dialog Windows/Vehicle parameters and click Download from vehicle button.
    • Upload the configuration if it is missing or recovered, import from file if necessary (when any node is highlighted with grey or red color). You need to Stop/Launch the simulation (restart) when there was configuration reset.
    • When there is no mission downloaded from vehicle exists:
      • Click and hold on the mission button to open dialog, then click ... button and Load mission, to load applicable mission, then click Upload button to sync mission with the vehicle.
  • Inside X-Plane window, select airport and the aircraft:
    • type in to search airport: KSEA (for X-Plane 10) or LOWI (for X-Plane 9)
    • select runway: RWY - 1 6 L (for X-Plane 10) or RWY - 0 8 (for X-Plane 9)
    • choose aircraft for your configuration, f.ex. UAVOS/standard
  • If everything is ok, you will see the telemetry data and it should say that GPS is available and show to you the current position (from simulation) on the map.
  • Press the keyboard shortcuts on GCS window to start mission:
    • F8 to start takeoff procedure,
    • Backspace to restart takeoff,
    • = to start the next takeoff procedure stage, i.e. perform the takeoff.
  • The UAV must perform takeoff and fly waypoints, then land automatically.


  • X-plane and autopilot exchange data via x-plane plugin and TCP/IP network. The plugin is installed automatically by the GCS when you launch the simulation.