Mandala variables

All parameters of the vehicle state are organized in structured tree of values. The definition of the structure, called mandala is described in this section.

Data items are shared between node modules and other nodes by means of publisher/subscriber framework, which is managed by mdb broker.

The tree consists of the following levels:

  1. class: sns, ctr, est, cmd (2 bits);
  2. type: nav, env (1 bit);
  3. subsystem: up to 15 subsystems (4 bits);
  4. field: up to 15 fields (4 bits);

The unique identifier of any value consists of 11 bits. Each packet in the network uses mandala uid to address pub/sub values.

Data access

Mandala tree is available in GCS Java Script context and facts tree and created for every recognized vehicle.

GCS UI and JS context have simplified structure, where type component is omitted. Moreover, on GCS side - radians are converted to degrees.

F.ex., in GCS Terminal, which evaluates in JS context, any mandala value item, of the current selected vehicle, can be accessed as class.subsystem.field reference:

  • cmd.pos.altitude=800 will set commanded altitude to 800m;
  • ctr.wing.flaps=0.8 extracts flaps to 80%;
  • cmd.proc.mode = proc_mode_TAXI will enter TAXI procedure;
  • cmd.proc.action = proc_action_next will trigger the next stage of the current procedure;

The examples above are using shortcuts with pre-defined getters/setters of the Fact object’s value property.

Another way to access mandala field Fact of a vehicle form the JS context is to use the following reference form:

  • apx.vehicles.current.mandala.cmd.pos.altitude.value=800 will set commanded altitude of the current selected vehicle to 800m;

Data synchronization

Since GCS has dedicated mandala tree for every detected vehicle, the data in this tree (values) is synchronized with the current vehicle state by means of:

  • telemetry stream (usually this is the only data source);
  • any data packets received and decoded from interfaces;

On the onboard network and between nodes the data is synchronized by mdb module.

Some special mandala fields are synchronized by bundles. This happens when to have atomic data packages is required. F.ex., for IMU sensors data packages or to set commanded position vector (lat,lon).

The fields beyond cmd.env group do not have any value associated with them, but are used as UIDs of data packets to implement different protocols for data transfer.

Data structure

  • Sensors

    Read only data sources, measured by sensors from physical parameters.

    • Navigation

      Sensors used for vehicle navigation and controls. Used as input for position and attitude estimators and for filters to supply aerodynamic controls.

      • Gyro

        Gyro bundle status shared with GCS

        • src Gyro source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Gyro devices byte
        • temp Gyro temperature real [C]
        • clip Gyro total clip count byte [u]
        • vib Gyro vibration byte [%]
        • coning Gyro coning vibration real [rad^2]
      • Accelerometer
        • src Accelerometer source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Accelerometer devices byte
        • temp Accelerometer temperature real [C]
        • clip Accelerometer clip count byte [u]
        • vib Accelerometer vibration byte [%]
      • Magnetometer
        • src Magnetometer source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Magnetometer devices byte
        • temp Magnetometer temperature real [C]
        • vib Magnetometer vibration byte [%]
        • norm Magnetometer magnitude real [u]
        • decl Magnetometer declination real [rad]
      • GPS
        • src Gps source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Gps devices byte
        • fix Gps fix type option [none,2D,3D,DIFF,RTK]
        • emi Gps emi status option [unknown,ok,warning,critical,spoofing]
        • hacc Gps horizontal position accuracy real [m]
        • vacc Gps vertical position accuracy real [m]
        • sacc Gps speed accuracy real [m/s]
        • pdop Gps position dilution of precision real
        • sv Gps visible satellites word
        • su Gps used satellites word
        • temp Gps temperature real [C]
        • hmsl Gps altitude real [m]
      • Static pressure
        • src Static pressure source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Static pressure devices byte
        • status Baro option [unknown,available,warning,critical,failure]
        • mbar Absolute pressure real [mbar]
        • temp Barometer temperature real [C]
      • Dynamic pressure
        • src Dynamic pressure source option [unknown,local,primary,secondary,failsafe,auxillary]
        • cnt Dynamic pressure devices byte
        • valid Dynamic pressure validated devices byte
        • status Pitot option [unknown,available,warning,critical,failure]
        • airspeed Airspeed real [m/s]
        • acc Airspeed derivative real [m/s^2]
        • temp Pitot probe temperature real [C]
        • raw Dynamic pressure real [kPa]
      • Altitude above ground sensors
        • src Agl source option [none,laser,radio,sonic]
        • status Agl option [off,valid]
        • laser Laser agl altitude real [m]
        • radio Radio agl altitude real [m]
        • sonic Ultrasonic agl altitude real [m]
        • ground Ground option [unknown,landed,flying]
      • Aerodynamic sensors
        • slip Slip real [rad]
        • aoa Angle of attack real [rad]
        • temp Ambient air temperature real [C]
        • buo Blimp ballonet pressure real [kPa]
      • RTK
        • roll Rtk roll real [rad]
        • pitch Rtk pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Rtk yaw real [rad]
      • Landing Assistance sensors

        Used for approach correction.

        • status Las status option [ok,holdon,cancel]
        • dx Relative distance x real [m]
        • dy Relative distance y real [m]
        • dz Relative distance z real [m]
        • vx Relative velocity x real [m/s]
        • vy Relative velocity y real [m/s]
        • vz Relative velocity z real [m/s]
      • Platform

        Used for landing to a moving platform with las.

        • lat Platform latitude real [deg]
        • lon Platform longitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Platform altitude msl real [m]
        • vn Platform velocity north real [m/s]
        • ve Platform velocity east real [m/s]
        • vd Platform velocity down real [m/s]
        • roll Platform roll real [rad]
        • pitch Platform pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Platform yaw real [rad]
      • Visual navigation

        Used for global position estimation and dead-reckoning.

        • vx Visual velocity x real [m/s]
        • vy Visual velocity y real [m/s]
        • vz Visual velocity z real [m/s]
        • dx Visual delta x real [m]
        • dy Visual delta y real [m]
        • dz Visual delta z real [m]
        • roll Visual roll real [rad]
        • pitch Visual pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Visual yaw real [rad]
        • lat Visual latitude real [deg]
        • lon Visual longitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Visual altitude msl real [m]
        • altitude Visual altitude real [m]
      • Collision avoidance
        • dist Distance to target real [m]
        • hdg Heading to target real [rad]
        • elv Elevation to target real [rad]
        • vel Velocity of target real [m/s]
    • Environment

      Environmental sensors. Data used as inputs for filters to estimate vehicle state and safety conditions.

      • Engine
        • status Engine status option [unknown,ready,start,stop,running,warning,failure]
        • rpm Engine rpm real [rpm]
        • torque Engine torque real [Nm]
        • temp Engine temperature real [C]
        • voltage Engine ecu voltage real [V]
        • current Engine ecu current real [A]
        • ot Oil temperature real [C]
        • egt Exhaust temperature real [C]
        • egtd Exhaust delta temperature real [C]
        • op Oil pressure real [bar]
        • map Manifold absolute pressure real [Pa]
        • iap Intake air box pressure real [kPa]
        • tc Turbocharger option [unknown,off,active,warning,critical,failure]
        • block Disable starter switch option [off,on]
      • Gearbox
        • status Gearbox status option [unknown,ok,warning,failure]
        • rpm Gearbox rpm real [rpm]
        • temp Gearbox temperature real [C]
        • clutch Clutch option [on,off,busy]
      • Prop
        • status Prop status option [unknown,ok,warning,failure]
        • rpm Prop rpm real [rpm]
        • pitch Prop pitch position real [su]
        • thrust Prop thrust real [N]
      • Generator
        • status Generator status option [unknown,ok,idle,free,warning,failure]
        • rpm Generator rpm real [rpm]
        • voltage Generator voltage real [V]
        • current Generator current real [A]
        • temp Generator temperature real [C]
      • Fuel
        • level Fuel level real [u]
        • rate Fuel flow rate real [u/h]
        • temp Fuel temperature real [C]
        • ps Fuel pressure real [bar]
      • Battery
        • status Bat option [unknown,ok,charging,shutdown,warning,failure]
        • voltage Battery voltage real [V]
        • current Battery current real [A]
        • capacity Battery capacity real [A/h]
        • temp Battery temperature real [C]
      • Power
        • status Power status option [unknown,ok,shutdown,warning,failure]
        • vsys System voltage real [V]
        • isys System current real [A]
        • vsrv Servo voltage real [V]
        • isrv Servo current real [A]
        • vpld Payload voltage real [V]
        • ipld Payload current real [A]
      • Datalink
        • status Datalink status option [unknown,ok,muted,busy,warning,failure]
        • rss Received signal strength byte [%]
        • snr Signal to noise ratio real [u]
        • temp Modem temperature real [C]
        • voltage Modem voltage real [V]
        • current Modem current real [A]
        • hdg Radio heading real [rad]
        • dme Radio distance real [m]
        • roll Antenna roll real [rad]
        • pitch Antenna pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Antenna yaw real [rad]
      • Auxillary sensors
        • rt Room temperature real [C]
        • gear Landing gear option [down,retracted]
        • fgear Landing gear force real [u]
      • Emergency Rescue System
        • status Ers status option [unknown,ok,disarmed,busy,failure]
        • block Ers disable switch option [off,on]
      • Servo
        • pos Encoder position real [su]
        • dpos Delta position real [su]
        • power Power real [su]
      • Camera sensors
        • roll Cam roll real [rad]
        • pitch Cam pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Cam yaw real [rad]
        • droll Delta roll real [rad]
        • dpitch Delta pitch real [rad]
        • dyaw Delta yaw real [rad]
        • fov Cam field of view real [rad]
        • range Payload range real [m]
      • Turret sensors
        • roll Turret roll real [rad]
        • pitch Turret pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Turret yaw real [rad]
        • status Turret status option [ready,shooting,reloading]
        • capacity Payload capacity byte
  • Controls

    Controls for vehicle drives and servos. Published by regulators.

    • Navigation

      Controls used for vehicle stabilization. Data published by controllers for aerodynamic controls.

      • Attitude controls
        • ail Ailerons real [su]
        • elv Elevator real [su]
        • rud Rudder real [su]
        • col Collective real [su]
      • Engine controls
        • thr Throttle real [u]
        • prop Prop pitch real [su]
        • choke Choke real [u]
        • tune Engine tuning real [su]
        • tvec Thrust vector real [su]
        • starter Engine starter option [off,on]
        • ign1 Ignition 1 option [off,on]
        • ign2 Ignition 2 option [off,on]
        • fpump Fuel pump option [off,on]
      • Wing mechanization
        • flaps Flaps real [u]
        • airbrk Airbrakes real [u]
        • slats Slats real [u]
        • sweep Sweep real [su]
        • buo Buoyancy real [su]
      • Steering controls
        • brake Brake real [u]
        • gear Landing gear option [down,retract]
        • rud Steering real [su]
    • Environment

      Environmental controls. Data generated by internal logic.

      • Power
        • ap Power avionics option [off,on]
        • servo Power servo option [off,on]
        • ignition Power ignition option [off,on]
        • payload Power payload option [off,on]
        • agl Power agl option [off,on]
        • xpdr Power xpdr option [off,on]
        • satcom Power satcom option [off,on]
        • rfamp Power rf amplifier option [off,on]
        • ice Power anti-ice option [off,on]
        • las Power landing assistance option [off,on]
      • Auxillary
        • horn Horn signal option [off,on]
      • Emergency Recovery
        • launch Ers launch option [off,on]
        • rel Ers release option [locked,released]
      • Lighting
        • nav Navigation lights option [off,on]
        • taxi Taxi lights option [off,on]
        • beacon Beacon light option [off,on]
        • landing Landing lights option [off,on]
        • strobe Strobe lights option [off,on]
      • Doors and latches
        • main Main door option [locked,open]
        • drop Drop-off option [locked,open]
      • Camera
        • roll Camera ctr roll real [su]
        • pitch Camera ctr pitch real [su]
        • yaw Camera ctr yaw real [su]
        • rec Camera record option [off,on]
        • shot Camera shot option [off,single,series]
        • arm Camera arm focus option [off,on]
        • zin Camera zoom in option [off,on]
        • zout Camera zoom out option [off,on]
        • aux Camera auxillary control byte
      • ATS controls
        • roll Ats ctr roll real [su]
        • pitch Ats ctr pitch real [su]
        • yaw Ats ctr yaw real [su]
      • Turret controls
        • roll Turret ctr roll real [su]
        • pitch Turret ctr pitch real [su]
        • yaw Turret ctr yaw real [su]
        • op Turret op option [off,arm,shoot,shooting,reload]
      • User controls
        • u1 User ctr 1 real
        • u2 User ctr 2 real
        • u3 User ctr 3 real
        • u4 User ctr 4 real
        • u5 User ctr 5 real
        • u6 User ctr 6 real
        • u7 User ctr 7 real
        • u8 User ctr 8 real
        • ub1 User ctr byte 1 byte
        • ub2 User ctr byte 2 byte
        • ub3 User ctr byte 3 byte
        • ub4 User ctr byte 4 byte
        • ub5 User ctr byte 5 byte
        • ub6 User ctr byte 6 byte
        • ub7 User ctr byte 7 byte
      • Script controls
        • s1 Scr 1 real
        • s2 Scr 2 real
        • s3 Scr 3 real
        • s4 Scr 4 real
        • s5 Scr 5 real
        • s6 Scr 6 real
        • s7 Scr 7 real
        • s8 Scr 8 real
        • s9 Scr 9 real
        • s10 Scr 10 real
        • s11 Scr 11 real
        • s12 Scr 12 real
        • s13 Scr 13 real
        • s14 Scr 14 real
        • s15 Scr 15 real
  • Estimators

    Current vehicle state. Estimated values of sensors and current navigator status.

    • Navigation

      Estimated data used for vehicle regulators. Filtered sensor data.

      • Attitude
        • status Attitude status option [unknown,ok,busy,warning,critical,failure]
        • valid Attitude validity option [no,yes]
        • roll Attitude roll real [rad]
        • pitch Attitude pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Attitude yaw real [rad]
        • mag Magnetometer option [unknown,3D,HDG,blocked,warning,failure]
        • rest At rest option [no,yes]
      • Global Position
        • status Global position status option [unknown,ok,busy,warning,critical,failure]
        • valid Global position validity option [no,yes]
        • lat Latitude real [deg]
        • lon Longitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Altitude msl real [m]
        • agl Altitude above ground real [m]
        • bearing Moving direction real [rad]
        • speed Ground speed real [m/s]
        • altitude Flight altitude real [m]
        • vspeed Vertical speed real [m/s]
        • hsrc Height source option [none,baro,gps,range,vision]
      • Angular rate
        • valid Angular rate validity option [no,yes]
        • x Angular rate x real [rad/s]
        • y Angular rate y real [rad/s]
        • z Angular rate z real [rad/s]
        • ax Angular acceleration x real [rad/s^2]
        • ay Angular acceleration y real [rad/s^2]
        • az Angular acceleration z real [rad/s^2]
        • turn Turn rate real [rad/s]
      • Acceleration
        • valid Acceleration validity option [no,yes]
        • x Acceleration x real [m/s^2]
        • y Acceleration y real [m/s^2]
        • z Acceleration z real [m/s^2]
      • Local position
        • status Local position status option [unknown,ok,busy,warning,critical,failure]
        • ax Linear acceleration x real [m/s^2]
        • ay Linear acceleration y real [m/s^2]
        • az Linear acceleration z real [m/s^2]
        • vx Velocity x real [m/s]
        • vy Velocity y real [m/s]
        • vz Velocity z real [m/s]
        • n North real [m]
        • e East real [m]
        • d Down real [m]
      • Ref point
        • status Ref point status option [unavailable,initialized]
        • lat Reference latitude real [deg]
        • lon Reference latitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Msl altitude offset real [m]
      • Air data
        • airspeed Airspeed real [m/s]
        • slip Slip angle real [rad]
        • aoa Angle of attack real [rad]
        • ld Glide ratio real [L/D]
        • vse Energy variometer correction real [m/s]
        • rho Air density real [kg/m^3]
        • ktas Eas to tas multiplier real [K]
        • keas Ias to eas multiplier real [K]
        • stab Stability real [u]
        • stall Stall option [unknown,ok,warning,critical]
      • Mission navigation
        • eta Estimated time of arrival word [s]
        • dist Distance to waypoint real [m]
        • hdg Waypoint heading real [rad]
        • xtrack Crosstrack error real [m]
        • delta Touchdown error real [m]
        • thdg Tangent heading real [rad]
    • Environment

      Processed data of current vehicle conditions. Can be overridden by GCS uplink.

      • System
        • mode System mode option [busy,ground,check,taxi,ready,airborne]
        • health System health option [unknown,normal,warning,critical]
        • time System time dword [s]

          GPS time or when not available - system CPU time.

        • uptime Uptime dword [ms]

          Number of milliseconds passed since system powered on. Value updated by telemetry module. Used for telemetry purposes only.

        • fuel Fuel capacity byte [%]
        • weight Vehicle weight word [kg]
        • ttl Time to live word [min]
        • range Maximum range word [km]
        • corr Correlator output real [K]
      • Wind estimator
        • status Wind option [unknown,available]
        • speed Wind speed real [m/s]
        • heading Wind heading real [rad]
      • ATS
        • roll Ats roll real [rad]
        • pitch Ats pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Ats yaw real [rad]
      • Cam

        Camera axis est

        • roll Cam roll real [rad]
        • pitch Cam pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Cam yaw real [rad]
        • lat Cam latitude real [deg]
        • lon Cam longitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Cam altitude msl real [m]
      • Turret

        Turret axis est

        • roll Turret roll real [rad]
        • pitch Turret pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Turret yaw real [rad]
        • lat Turret latitude real [deg]
        • lon Turret longitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Turret altitude msl real [m]
      • User values
        • u1 User value 1 real
        • u2 User value 2 real
        • u3 User value 3 real
        • u4 User value 4 real
        • u5 User value 5 real
        • u6 User value 6 real
        • u7 User value 7 real
        • u8 User value 8 real
        • ub1 User byte 1 byte
        • ub2 User byte 2 byte
        • ub3 User byte 3 byte
        • ub4 User byte 4 byte
        • ub5 User byte 5 byte
        • ub6 User byte 6 byte
        • ub7 User byte 7 byte
      • HAPS
        • shape Haps dihedral angle real [rad]
        • cshape Haps cmd dihedral angle real [rad]
        • roll Haps central roll real [rad]
        • roll1 Haps roll1 real [rad]
        • roll2 Haps roll2 real [rad]
        • pitch1 Haps pitch1 real [rad]
        • pitch2 Haps pitch2 real [rad]
        • cpitch1 Haps cmd pitch1 real [rad]
        • cpitch2 Haps cmd pitch2 real [rad]
        • spd1 Haps airspeed1 real [m/s]
        • spd2 Haps airspeed2 real [m/s]
        • ail1 Haps aileron1 real [su]
        • ail2 Haps aileron2 real [su]
  • Commands

    Commanded values. Received from the GCS or provided by navigator as commands for regulators.

    • Navigation

      Commanded values generated by controllers.

      • Procedures
        • mode Procedure option [EMG,RPV,UAV,WPT,STBY,TAXI,TAKEOFF,LANDING]
        • stage Procedure stage byte
        • wp Selected waypoint word
        • rw Selected runway word
        • pi Selected point of interest word
        • action Procedure action option [idle,next,reset,inc,dec]
        • adj Maneuver adjust real [m]
        • loops Remaining loops word
        • timeout Procedure timeout word [s]
      • Regulators configuration
        • att Attitude control option [off,on]
        • pos Position control option [off,hdg,direct,track,loiter,hover]
        • spd Airspeed control option [off,on]
        • alt Altitude control option [off,on]
        • eng Engine control option [off,on]
        • yaw Yaw control option [off,hdg,slip,taxi,track]
        • str Steering control option [off,on]
        • taxi Taxi track control option [off,on]
        • brk Brakes control option [off,on]
        • flaps Flaps control option [off,on]
        • airbrk Airbrakes control option [off,on]
      • AHRS options
        • inair Ahrs airdata option [no,yes]
        • nogps Block gps option [no,yes]
        • nomag Block magnetometer option [no,yes]
        • hsrc Select height source option [baro,gps,range,vision]
        • hagl Agl altitude option [no,yes]
      • Attitude regulators
        • roll Cmd roll real [rad]
        • pitch Cmd pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Cmd yaw real [rad]
        • slip Cmd slip real [rad]
      • Position regulators
        • lat Cmd latitude real [deg]
        • lon Cmd latitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Cmd altitude msl real [m]
        • bearing Cmd bearing real [rad]
        • airspeed Cmd airspeed real [m/s]
        • altitude Cmd altitude real [m]
        • vspeed Cmd vspeed real [m/s]
        • tecs Tecs weighting factor real [u]
        • radius Loiter radius real [m]
      • Engine regulators
        • rpm Cmd rpm real [rpm]
        • cut Throttle cut option [off,on]
        • ovr Throttle override option [off,on]
      • RC
        • ovr Rc override option [off,on]
        • roll Rc roll real [su]
        • pitch Rc pitch real [su]
        • thr Rc throttle real [u]
        • yaw Rc yaw real [su]
      • Camera
        • zoom Cam zoom level real [u]
        • focus Cam focus real [u]
        • ch Video channel byte
        • range Rangefinder option [off,on]
        • mode Shotting mode option [off,single,distance,time]
        • dshot Shotting distance word [m]
        • tshot Shotting time word [ms]
        • pf Picture flip option [off,on]
        • nir Nir filter option [off,on]
        • fm Focus mode option [auto,infinity]
        • ft Focus type option [auto,manual]
      • Gimbal cmd
        • mode Gimbal cmd mode option [off,stab,pos,speed,target,fixed,track]
        • roll Gimbal cmd roll real [rad]
        • pitch Gimbal cmd pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Gimbal cmd yaw real [rad]
        • broll Gimbal cmd bias roll real [rad/s]
        • bpitch Gimbal cmd bias pitch real [rad/s]
        • byaw Gimbal cmd bias yaw real [rad/s]
        • lat Gimbal cmd latitude real [deg]
        • lon Gimbal cmd latitude real [deg]
        • hmsl Gimbal cmd altitude msl real [m]
      • ATS cmd
        • mode Ats cmd mode option [off,track,manual,search]
        • roll Ats cmd roll real [rad]
        • pitch Ats cmd pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Ats cmd yaw real [rad]
        • p Ats cmd roll rate real [rad/s]
        • q Ats cmd pitch rate real [rad/s]
        • r Ats cmd yaw rate real [rad/s]
      • Turret cmd
        • mode Turret cmd mode option [off,fixed,stab,position,speed]
        • roll Turret cmd roll real [rad]
        • pitch Turret cmd pitch real [rad]
        • yaw Turret cmd yaw real [rad]
        • p Turret cmd roll rate real [rad/s]
        • q Turret cmd pitch rate real [rad/s]
        • r Turret cmd yaw rate real [rad/s]
        • broll Turret cmd bias roll real [rad/s]
        • bipitch Turret cmd bias pitch real [rad/s]
        • byaw Turret cmd bias yaw real [rad/s]
    • System data identifiers

      Special protocols and data wrappers.

      • Vehicle object data
        • ident Vehicle identification byte

          squawk uid [ident]

        • downlink Data packet from vehicle to gcs byte

          squawk uid_seq pid data...

        • uplink Data packet from gcs to vehicle byte

          squawk [pid data...] or empty for heartbeat

      • Telemetry stream
        • data Telemetry data byte

          time hash feed fmt feed packed data...

        • format Telemetry format array byte

          req part, re part parts_cnt format feed block 256 bytes

        • xpdr Transponder data byte


      • Data streams
        • vcp Virtual comm port channel data byte

          vcp_id raw data

        • calib Calibration data byte

          sensor uid raw sensor data

        • pld Payload data byte
      • Simulator data
        • sns Sensors data byte
        • ctr Controls byte
        • cfg Controls assignments byte
        • display Visualization byte
      • Scripting commands
        • vmexec Execute vm script onboard byte

          function name

        • jsexec Execute js script on gcs byte

          script text

      • Auxillary data
        • gcs Gcs data byte

          uid data

        • pld Payload data byte

          uid data

        • hid Human interface byte

          uid data

      • Redundancy data
        • alive Autopilot alive notify byte
      • Formation data
        • haps Haps shared data byte
        • left Left wing data byte
        • right Right wing data byte
        • center Center wing data byte
      • Network Management
        • search Search nodes byte

          Broadcast request, re

        • ident Node identification byte

          ident_s strings:name+version+hardware filenames

        • file File operations byte

          name fop_e [data]

        • reboot System reboot byte


        • msg Text message byte

          type_e string

        • upd Update parameter byte

          fid_t data

        • mod Modules tree byte


        • usr Node specific command byte

          cmd_s [data]

        • tree Trace packet route byte

          uid1 [uid2..uidN]

        • debug Debug data byte