Vehicle Identity

Nodes: ghanta sim com | Module: identity | Parameters: Identity

The module provides vehicle identification and isolation in multi-vehicle configurations.

The vehicle is seen by the GCS through some interface, which is usually a radio or some wireless device with limited bandwidth. This, the data transmitted to the GCS must be optimized and filtered. This module filters the node data by allowing only certain mandala IDs to be transmitted to the external interface:

  • telemetry stream;
  • network management responses;
  • VCP data (when configured);

The module has mode parameter, which sets the external interface for the GCS datalink, and which has different set of options for each node.

F.ex., the onboard radio modem (com node) can have the mode parameter set to radio, and the ground modem will have the mode set to usb. Then the GCS with the connected ground modem via USB, will recognize two vehicles (identities) - ground and onboard.

Configuration parameters

  • Identity

    Vehicle identity

    • callsign Vehicle callsign string

      The human readable vehicle name is used in GCS for display only.

    • vtype Vehicle type option [UAV,GCS]

      Used by GCS for vehicle display styles only.

    • vcp

      Virtual Comm Ports forwarding

      • enable option

        Enables the VCP forwarding feature to the external interface.

      • id byte

        Selects the VCP IDs to be forwarded. The VCP data should be traslated to LAN if the port is located on different node.