Nodes: nav com ifc | Module: protocols | Parameters: Protocols

This module provides implementations of some serial protocols, which usually communicate with the physical device via VCP ports.

Configuration parameters

  • Protocols

    VCP protocols

    • SBUS

      Futaba SBUS servo

      • mode Interface mode option [off,NODE,LAN]
        • NODE: serial data, transmitted by the protocol is addressed to VCP of the same (local) node, i.e. protocol and VCP are in the same node;
        • LAN: serial data, transmitted by the protocol is broadcasted to all nodes in network, i.e. the protocol can be run on one node, but the physical VCP port can be on another node;
      • id Vcp port id byte

        Protocol will process data from the VCP with the same id. All transmitted data will also be addressed to the specified id.

      • interval Update interval option [7ms,20ms,100ms,500ms]