Vehicle limits

Nodes: nav sim | Module: vehicle | Parameters: Vehicle

The module holds parameters, related to physical limits of the vehicle.

Configuration parameters

  • Vehicle

    Vehicle parameters

    • type Type of vehicle option [STOL,VTOL]
    • init

      Initial values

      • bind bind
      • value real
    • mtow Max weight real [kg]
    • fuel Fuel weight real [kg]
    • altitude Safe altitude word [m] 100
    • radius Loiter radius word [m] 200
    • ld Glide ratio real
    • VC Cruise real [m/s] 30
    • VSO Stall with flaps real [m/s] 18
    • VSI Stall with no flaps real [m/s]
    • VFE Max with flaps real [m/s]
    • VY Max climbing rate real [m/s]
    • VNO Normal operation real [m/s]
    • VNE Never exceed real [m/s] 50
    • GS Taxi ground speed real [m/s] 1

      Safe ground speed to make maneuvers.

    • acc Maximum acceleration real [m/s^2] 7.0

      This is the maximum vertical acceleration, either up or down, that the controller will use to correct speed or height errors. The controller will limit the slew rate of commanded pitch angle to not to exceed this limit.

    • climb Maximum climb rate real [m/s] 4.0

      This is the best climb rate that the aircraft can achieve with the max throttle.

    • sink Maximum descent rate real [m/s] 5.0

      This sets the maximum descent rate that the controller will use. If this value is too large, the aircraft can over-speed on descent. This should be set to a value that can be achieved without exceeding the lower pitch angle limit and without over-speeding the aircraft.